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Your Dirty Oven is our Bread and Butter!​

A genuine family run business!



We took a decision in December 2019 that the emerging COVID pandemic was highly likely to have a massive and long-term impact on our core business which relied on intensive international travel. So we took a decision to start a second business, and one which required no travel and minimum contact. Healthy Ovens Cleaning was born!

We spent the early months on extensive training, safety and technical protocols, and researching methods of professional oven cleaning, and now we have a successful local business which delights our customers as much as it delights us! If you aren't Wow'ed by the results, we'll just work harder until you are!


Thank you for supporting us, we appreciate it!




My career for the past thirty years has been in Hotels, Travel and Tourism. I have worked across the globe, helping hotels achieve better revenues through more sophisticated marketing, selling and service delivery. I am still working in this space, but obviously it has slowed greatly. 

The key USP of Healthy Ovens is the cleaning agents that we use. We don’t use any acidic cleaning agents. The “game” for traditional oven cleaners is to clean as many ovens as they can each day. That is how they get their earnings up. They arrive, throw a bucket of acid inside your oven, wipe it out and it looks clean. They are gone in 90 minutes!


The acid removes all dirt, but also “attacks” the metal inside the oven. That reduces the lifetime of your oven. The acid is harmful to your oven, but the oven looks clean!


The acid also remains inside the oven, inside the seams and joins. Each time you cook, the acidic fumes coat your food! Very unhealthy, with carbon monoxide and sulphuric greasy steams wafting over your lovely food!

And hence, I started “Healthy Ovens”! We clean by using non-acidic, non-phosphate, non-sulphur, non-ammonia and alcohol-free cleaning solution. We get the same results (it will take a little longer), and we deliver a near-new showroom condition oven, hob and extractor. Our main cleaning agent comes from the food industry! We use a solution that is also used to wash olives for the food industry. 


Our new and bespoke range of kitchen de-greasers and general surface sprays. Much tougher than you can buy on the High Street, and more than double the effectiveness! Why not give them a try?

GREASE EATER - Our powerful deep de-grease that I use on Dirty Ovens. Safe for Ovens, Hobs, Extractors and Microwaves. 

MAGIC JUICE - Our general, multi-surface spray cleaner. It cleans and disinfects, and 100% bio-degradable. Perfect for kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, and floors!

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