Our Services

Dirty Oven Cleaning

We hope that our Core Service is obvious - we clean dirty ovens and restore them back to near-new showroom condition, in a healthier way. Your food will instantly have more taste, your oven life-span will be extended, and you have no foul smells or smoke from your dirty oven!

We clean single, double and Range Ovens, as well as AGA's. We clean carefully to produce the best possible results. We are not flash-in, wipe 'n spray cowboys! There are no hidden charges for any extra time or additional cleaning products! The price we quote is the price you pay!

Shower & Toilet Bowl Cleaning

As trained experts in the use of chemical cleaning agents, we are able to get your dull shower tiles and toilet bowls back to new. You see, the cleaning agents you find in supermarkets just aren't strong enough to clean and remove the grime. Through our training , we have access to better and stronger cleaning agents than are available to you.

  • We clean dirty ovens, dirty hobs, greasy extractors, and dirty, splattered microwaves.

  • We bring dull shower tiles back to new

  • We revive dirty toilet bowls, and remove limescale and other stains better than bleach alone.

So, if you are struggling to get your dirty and foul smelling oven back to new, or getting the shine back to your shower tiles, and sparkling fresh toilet bowls free from stains and fungi growth, then you better call Healthy Ovens!