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Q: How often should I get my Oven professionally deep cleaned?

A: We generally recommend a professional deep clean every six months. To put that into perspective, that is after 183 cooked meals! The best test of all is the "smell" test. Place your head inside of the oven and take a whiff. If it smells foul, then get it cleaned! That same foul smell is what is being wafted over your meals before you eat them. Imagine what 30 minutes of foul, dirty oven, wafting does to a roast chicken or tray of oven roasted vegetables! That foul smell is what you will eat!

In fact, 1 in 4 UK dirty ovens are real oven fire risks, and are less efficient in energy terms (costing you more), and contaminate food flavours. The grease, cooked  on carbon and grime will affect the flavour of the meals cooked in the dirty oven.  Supermarket products aren't strong enough to tackle the problem.

Q: Can I clean my Dirty Oven myself?

A: Of course you can, however the cleaning agents and solutions that you can buy at your local supermarket just won't hack it. A "de-greaser" that only gently "degreases" isn't what you need. What you need to clean a dirty oven and dirty hob is a professional and industrial deep cleaning agent. These cleaning agents, in trained hands, can bring your dirty oven and greasy hobs and extractors back to new.

Q: How long does it take to clean a Dirty Oven?

A: A cheaper Oven cleaner will simply splash your dirty oven with a bucket load of acid and be gone in 60 minutes . That will clean the oven really quickly, but the acid will also attack the metal within your oven. This reduces the lifespan of your oven, leaves your home full of choking fumes, and leaves a toxic residue in the seams and joints of your oven. At Healthy Ovens we use a non-acidic cleaning approach, leaving you with the same end-result, and zero fumes and residues. Your oven is immediately ready for use. 

In general, our approach to cleaning a dirty oven is around three hours. Quality takes time, and we clean carefully!

Q:How unhealthy is a Dirty Oven?

A: The grease residues and cooked on carbon will release carbon monoxide and sulphuric fumes. These will waft over your foods, and contaminate them. You will be eating harmful and carcinogenic molecules. You can avoid this by getting your dirty oven professionally deep cleaned.

Q:What are the risks of a Dirty Oven?

A: Firstly, a greasy dirty oven is a severe fire risk. A grease fire is enough to burn down your entire house in the same time it does for the Fire Department to arrive. Secondly, a dirty oven is a very unhealthy one. Try the "smell test", by taking a deep whiff right at the entrance to your oven. If it smells foul, imagine what those foul smells do when they enter your body by eating the food coated in those odours!

Q: What do you use to clean a Dirty Oven?

A: At Healthy Ovens we use non-acidic, and the most environmentally products that we can find. The quickest way to clean a Dirty Oven is to use some acid and some engine cleaner! That quickly de-greases your Dirty Oven, but do you really want to cook your food in an oven that looks sparklingly clean, but has been cleaned with an engine wash solution? I'm sure you don't want that!

Q: How long does it take to professionally deep-clean a Dirty Oven?

A: The duration varies according to the size and type of oven, and especially the doors. The simplest, single door ovens will take around 1.5-2 hours, and more complex and larger ranges can take 4 hours, or a little longer. We don't "rush" our cleans, but instead take our time to deliver a "proper" job that you will be delighted with!

Q: I have a self-cleaning oven, do I need a professional Oven Clean?

A: Well, you will of course think I am biassed, but "self-cleaning" ovens can be a bit hit-and-missed! To self clean your dirty oven you need your oven to reach extreme high temperatures of 350 degrees or higher. Many ovens are restricted to 270 degrees. 

The burning of the grease layer will create toxic and choking fumes within the home, and then there is the fire risk of burning grease. A grease fire can be deadly.

Furthermore, a self-cleaning oven requires "the burn" every two weeks to keep ahead of the grease buildup. Imagine the smell, the cost and the risk. 

A professional oven cleaner takes care of all of the effort for you! We don't charge for the time involved, we provide a fixed cost at the start of the clean.

Stop putting if off, and get your dirty oven professionally cleaned to brand new condition!

Q: Will there be any toxic or unpleasant fumes after you have cleaned my dirty Oven?

A: At Healthy Ovens we use the least caustic products that we find suitable. We guarantee zero fumes, by using oven cleaning products that are used in the food production industry. Our main ingredient is used to clean olives after harvest!

All of our own range of Healthy Ovens products are pet and child friendly, and your newly cleaned oven is available for immediate use. No fumes, no toxic or choking smells. Just a Healthy Ovens professionally clean!

We do NOT use any acids, phosphates or ammonia. We may take a little longer, but we will still get to the same level of cleanliness! 100% guaranteed, or your money back!

Q: Which locations do you cover?

A: We typically accept jobs within a 15 mile radius of our bases in Marlow and Henley-on-Thames. This radius covers Marlow, Maidenhead, Henley-on-Thames, Reading, High Wycombe, Bourne End, Cookham, Windsor, Ascot, Bracknell, Reading, Caversham, Shiplake, Wallingford. There are plenty of dirty ovens, and unhealthy ovens in this radius.

Need a proper professional oven cleaning, just message us at Healthy Ovens and we will get back to you. 

Q:I have a self-cleaning Oven, do I need a professional clean?

A: The self cleaning plates in a self-cleaning oven are essentially metallic sponges. They are a bit of a misconception. The panels are designed to trap grease fumes and then burn them off. The problem is that many ovens cannot reach the required high temperature to burn off all cooked on carbon. Even if the oven can get to a high temperature, the toxic fumes can be severe in the household for several hours. A professional dirty oven clean can achieve the same result without the toxic fumes and transfer a dirty oven to near new condition, without you having to clean out the burnt on carbon.

Clean ovens are healthier, tastier and better for the lifespan of your oven. Ovens naturally get dirty over time. Thats their job! Keep them healthy with a Healthy Ovens clean.

Send us your Questions and we'll be happy to answer them!

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