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We will work alone in your oven, and travel is permitted "for work and education" purposes". We will disinfect all surfaces in your kitchens, bathrooms and entrances when we leave, with our Virus Guard precautions.

WE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY TOO!. We observe all social distancing, and ask that you respect this too!

Thankfully, our specific business of Domestic Oven Cleaning has been cleared by Government to continue operating. We were very busy in the run up to Christmas, and New Year, and many of you just simply want a clean and healthier oven after the New Year. Cleaning slots will soon be booked up!

We take COVID precautions very seriously. On arrival, I wear a face mask, and we immediately disinfect all working surfaces with our Viru-Safe disinfectant. It is guaranteed to kill any traces of COVID 19. That protects me! To be honest, I remove face shield during cleaning as it simply isn't practical (and my glasses fog!). However I only do this when you are out of the kitchen.


At the end of cleaning, I will disinfect again, all contact surfaces (including floor, taps ands all surfaces), so you are protected too! As much as I enjoy some natter, I need to get on with the job, and thus we don't need to have any contact.

I work alone, so I only know what I have touched, and what I haven't touched! Safety all around!

I take precautions seriously, so pleased don't judge me for being distant!

Safety First!

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