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DIRTY OVENS aren't HEALTHY OVENS! But do you know how bad they are?

Most of our customers simply want a cleaner oven. Dirty ovens suddenly become unpleasant, and unknowingly, unhealthy. Action is needed....usually when it is well overdue. By then, it is already an unhealthy oven to cook food in, and even worse, a fire hazard too!

The Oven interior is a harsh environment. A fan is usually blowing air heated to close to 200 degrees around

this steam wafts all over your food. Your lovely lemon and thyme roast chicken is coated with with last week's pork belly fat, and the week before's fatty roast duck!

Olive oils used to coat roasted vegetables are a prime source of new greasy oven coatings. After a few cooks in your oven, this grease carbonises into burnt-on black carbon deposits. As you heat your Oven, these deposits release carbon monoxide and sulphuric fumes. What do you think about having your next meal cooked in that?

In short, a Dirty Oven is an Unhealthy Oven! A Clean Oven means your food is cooked in a Healthier environment, it tastes better and the Oven interior has to deal with less harmful fumes. Your Oven will last longer by a few more years.

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