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Forget about the DIRT, think FIRE!

Have you ever thought of your dirty Oven as one of the biggest fire risks in your home? We usually think of electrical faults, an open fireplace, and perhaps a lightening strike. However your Dirty Oven is perhaps one of the biggest causes of household fires.

Forget the dirt, think Grease Fire!

The grease inside your hot Oven is highly flammable. A spark created by hot fat spitting onto an oven element can very quickly ignite the hot grease in your dirty Oven. An Oven fire will very quickly create such choking fumes that you won't be able t

o get to your Oven to switch it off, or even open a window. The speed of a Dirty Oven fire is ferocious. You will have to escape the home and hope the fire brigade arrives very soon.

We frequently (at least weekly) find a real fire risk from a Dirty Oven. People often put off their professional cleaning until it is well overdue, and a real oven fire risk, You don't need to put your home, and all of your valued contents at risk by not getting your oven professionally deep cleaned.

At HEALTHY OVENS we use non-caustic Oven cleaning agents. This means your Oven is cleaned without foul fumes and invisible caked residues. A dirty oven fire, added with caustic resides is a recipe for total disaster. You will stand no chance in getting close to your Oven to switch it off and extinguish it.

Healthy Ovens will professionally deep clean your dirty oven and make it a Healthier, Tastier and Safer environment to cook in.

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