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Extractor Hoods

Very often we are asked to clean just the dirty oven. No surprise there! After all, the hob appears easier to clean, and above all, we seldom look upwards into the extractor hood. The extractor hood is perhaps our least requested cleaning service, and yet this space is very often the dirtiest and most unhealthy cause of food contamination.

Although the oven extractor hood doesn't contain cooked-on carbon, the steam from pots on the cooker hob cake the extractor in unpleasant grease. It only takes a small amount of steam to warm up this grease and create droplets of foul reside to drop into the pans and pots on your stove. This is a potential cause of rampant food contamination and human food poisoning.

So if you're thinking "Dirty Oven", don't overlook "Dirty Extractor". It takes at least an hour to fully de-grease a dirty oven extractor, and sometimes two hours.Thats just how much grease there is in the extractor. Just think about what drips, invisibly, into your hob cooking.

At Healthy Ovens we clean your Oven Extractor to ensure your complete cooking environment is a healthy one. No caustic chemicals, no ammonia, no fumes, and a near new Showroom-new extractor.

We are pet friendly, your oven can be used immediately, and no foul, choking odours!

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