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Burning Oven Smell? It may be your house on fire!

It is a common problem. You turn your oven on and prepare a beautiful family Sunday roast. However, the warming oven soon emits an acrid burning smell. Your immediate reaction is that there is grease on the elements, and after a few minutes it will surely be burnt off? So you persist, waiting for the burning smells of your apparently dirty oven to dissolve. They don't. What do you do?

Many of you crank the heat up, and allow a few minutes to burn off the element residues. Guess what, after a few minutes, the dirty oven smells even worse. Grease build up is the primary cause of dirty oven smells. Most only take action when they can see the grease, but grease is like limescale, it is there for many months before you see it. Invisible dirty oven grease is what contaminates your foods, affects your health, and makes your family meals less healthy and less tasty.

In this house, the owner advised me of "burning smells". I cleaned the dirty oven using my usual 4-stage cleaning process. A final check on completion of interior oven clean left a lingering burning smell. I was surprised as my interior dirty oven cleaning usually removes almost 100% of dirty grease. With the homeowners permission I pulled out their fitted oven, and found the culprit! The insulation wadding was so impregnated with dirty oven grease that it had soaked through to the wooden cabinet and had set it alight.

This was a dirty oven time bomb waiting to ignite!

An open flame isn't needed to create a dirty oven fire. In this instance, the overwhelming dirty grease had leaked beneath the dirty oven, and had provided the fire fuel to burn. Within days, this wooden cabinet would have combusted and created a house fire, fuelled by dirty grease, to burn the entire house.

So, dirty ovens are not healthy ovens, nor are dirty ovens safe. Healthy Ovens can take care of all of these matters for you.


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