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Dirty Ovens Cleaning takes Time!

We don't charge by time or degree of dirt, instead we price according to size of oven. The reason we do this is that no matter how dirty your oven is, we still need to go through all the steps to properly clean your dirty oven. An oven naturally accumulates grease, and ultimately cooked on carbon. At first you don't see it, but it is there.

Cooking grease, created from animal fats, olive and cooking oils, naturally builds up over time. There is no reason to be ashamed of the condition of your dirty oven. The key is to keep on top of it with regular, half yearly professional oven cleans. Bluntly, the cleaning agents you can buy in the supermarkets simply aren't strong enough to remove the stubborn grease and cooked-on carbon.

At Healthy Ovens, we take time to be careful, and provide a proper and professional deep oven clean to bring the dirty oven back to new. Careful oven cleaning does take time to deliver the right results. I usually anticipate a 2.5 hour cleaning time for a single dirty oven clean. That is longer than usual, but the result is better than usual!

Our natural, dirty ovens cleaning products do take a little longer to work, but we're not under any time pressure to clean as many ovens as we can in a day. The result is zero fumes, a perfectly cleaned oven, and a happy customer!Isn't that what you want?

So yes, we do take more time, but care and respect of people's kitchens and ovens is so important! We take time to deliver perfectly clean ovens, and care for the ovens and the homes that they're in!

A dirty oven is nothing to be ashamed about, just reach out every now and again and get a professional deep oven clean from Healthy Ovens!

A clean oven is a Healthier Oven! Better Health, better tastes, and a happier oven!


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