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How do Professional Oven Cleaners clean a dirty oven?

Professional dirty oven cleaners use a number of stages to return a dirty oven back to near-new condition. The two biggest challenges are grease build up, and cooked-on carbon. We use several steps to tackle these obstacles to get the dirty oven back to a near-new condition.

First of all, we start with a hot oven de-grease. The hot oven softens the grease, and equipped with an industrial de-greaser we can remove all of the dirty oven grease accumulation.

Next, with a grease-free dirty oven, we maintain the heat and carefully apply the cooked-on carbon removal gel, to remove any nasty and smelly caked-on carbon from spills. This usually requires some elbow grease and a sharp scraping blade. The dirty stains are quickly removed.

At this stage, the doors are usually removed to clean between the glass layers. Some ovens have up to four layers of glass. Each side of the dirty glass requires two de-grease, glass polish and finish with micro-fibre.

The interior shelves and holding racks are dipped in the hot dip tank located in our van. The higher the heat, the shinier they come out.

Now is the time to perform a professional hot soapy wash to remove all residues of cleaning agents. Not too much soap to affect the electrics , but just enough to remove any residues.

Finally, a metallic polish is applied to make the once dirty oven shine in its new life!


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