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How to choose an Oven Cleaner

How to select the right professional oven cleaner

As a relatively young and thriving Oven Cleaning business, I watch our customers buying behaviour very closely. I know how they find us, via Instagram, Facebook, Google or our own website. The interesting thing I see is that is that the majority of potential website visitors check “Pricing” above all else!

Why is that so interesting? Pricing is very important and all households have budgets. However, as with so much else in life, lowest price does not imply, “lowest cost for same level of cleaning”. An expensive clean, may well be just that, “expensive”. A cheap oven clean, may also be exactly that, “a somewhat clean”. And equally so, a middle-of-the-road clean may also suggest a pretty mediocre clean. Price is not always a good indicator of how well the oven clean will be performed.

Of course, so much rests on your own definition of what is, “a clean oven”. Some customers just want a de-grease, some want carbon removal, or fume removal, and others want a “perfectly cleaned oven with no grease, no carbon and no cooked on stains”.

If you want a quick “touch up”, then pay for a quick “touch up”. If you want your dirty oven cleaned in a healthy, environmentally-responsible manner, with a near-new end result, then search for a cleaner who promises that, and has a reputation for cleaning dirty ovens back to new! You see, “price” is not a good deciding measure. You get what you pay for.

Let’s say you want your car washed. The neighbour next door has an 8 year old son, who will use his face cloth, a bucket of soapy dish water and his elbow grease. It cost you a tenner. Next level, suppose you pay a little more, the neighbour on the other side turns up with his pressure washer! He/she wants £15! But for £20, you can get a deep pressure wash (more powerful), a shampoo wash, scrub, and polish that deflects dirt accumulation for two months. I’m tempted to go with the kid next-door as that is the good thing to do, but since I want a “proper” wash, I go with the professional.

It is the same in dirty oven cleaning. You may be very pleased in finding the lowest price for an oven cleaning, but the result won’t be very clean! It will be clean’ish!

Instead, match price and reviews reputation. Not reviews alone, but a balance of price and reviews. Were others happy with their healthy ovens? Was their oven properly cleaned, in a responsible manner?

You see, all ovens get dirty over time. It just happens, and you’re not to blame as ovens just naturally create dirty grease. You cook in the oven, and focus is on the food, not in the oven. However after each cook, the grease builds up a little more, and soon cooked on grease becomes “cooked” on!

So, in summary, if you are still reading this far, a cheap oven clean isn’t always a proper oven clean. An expensive oven clean isn’t always the best ever. Price is not the decider; quality, professionalism and customer reviews counts in cleaning a dirty oven.

If you’re going to get your oven professionally cleaned, then get your dirty oven cleaned properly, and not cheaply “cleaned”!


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