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It's all about Dirty Oven Grease

Dirty ovens are unhealthy, and the biggest problem of all is the grease! The invisible grease build up that you can’t see, yet you can smell! It is the same dirty oven grease that coats every meal you cook.

Grease is a natural by-product of cooking, and we all enjoy cooking. Olive oil, butter and meat fats all naturally contribute to the gradual build up of invisible, smelly and dirty oven grease. So in this context, you should not be embarrassed by any build up of dirty oven grease. It just happens as a process of cooking, but the error is leaving dirty oven grease to build up and eventually become cooked on carbon inside what now becomes a dirty oven.

In the south of England, we live with the problem of hard water. Dirty oven grease is just the same type of problem. When you remove limescale as a result of hard water, it immediately builds up again. You won’t see it for a few months, but it is there. The same is true of ovens. It takes months for the dirty grease to build up to a level when it is visible. It is only then that people call for a professional oven cleaner.

If you want to have a healthy, fresh and clean oven, then get rid of the invisible grease build up before you see it. Every time you heat your dirty oven, the grease softens and is wafted by the oven fan all over your food, which you then eat!

Dirty oven grease is inevitable. It will build up from the very first cook inside your newly cleaned oven. It will naturally accumulate with every cooking, and won’t be visible for a few months. You will be able to smell it, and those acrid dirty oven smells will coat your food, aided by the dirty and greasy oven fan.

Of course, you can clean your dirty yourself. However you will only attempt this once the cooked on and acrid dirty grease is visible. That is too late! Furthermore, supermarket products aren’t sufficiently powerful enough to clean a dirty oven. A professional dirty oven cleaner will quickly and efficiently deliver a near-new showroom condition clean oven.

So, don't wait until you see dirty grease, get Healthy Ovens to remove dirty grease and restore your dirty oven to a fresher, healthier and happier oven!


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