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Specialists in "hot oven" cleaning! What is that all about?

Dirty oven cleaning is a task most of us have tried, and disliked! It seems like a hard and unpleasant task when equipped with basic supermarket cleaning agents. Quite simply, it is just hard work! However, there are some tricks that the professional dirty oven cleaner knows to deliver an absolutely perfect dirty oven clean.

The overwhelming culprit of dirty ovens is the build up of grease. So often I arrive to a home to clean a dirty oven and the oven looks "quite clean". I then apply our de-greaser product, "Grease Eater", and I am frequently amazed by the amount of invisible grease that quickly pools on the bottom of the oven. Dirty oven grease is much like limescale - you don't see it until it is almost too much to handle.

One of our best dirty oven cleaning secrets is working inside a hot oven! The heat of a hot oven softens and loosens dirty oven grease. In fact, cleaning an a hot oven allows me to simply wipe away dirt with some blue paper towel, instead of scrubbing hard with a pot scourer. A hot oven cleaning delivers a much more perfect dirty oven clean.

As such, at Healthy Ovens we always clean your dirty oven whilst it is hot. It is more dangerous for the oven cleaner, but a professional oven cleaner with the correct safety equipment can tackle your dirty oven with ease, and safety.

Healthy Ovens cleans at the precise heat of 75 degrees. Over 80 degrees and the oven is too hot and creates cooked on cleaning agents. Below 70 degrees and the grease isn't softened enough. This lower temperature means that not all of the invisible grease is removed.

We recommend a gentle and slow heating of the dirty and greasy oven to allow the grease to melt, and start running. This dirty grease can then be collected and removed from the base of the dirty oven. The very visible dirty grease on the inside glass can be easily removed. The cooked on dirty grease, soon becomes a yellow soupy liquid in the bottom of the oven.

The alternative of hot oven cleaning requires far more application of dirty oven cleaning chemicals, which is something we strive to avoid at Healthy Ovens. A hot oven clean means we can use fewer cleaning agents to soften and strip dirty oven grease away. In this, Healthy Ovens can truly claim a healthier dirty oven clean. It is a safer method for your health, and well as the better health of your dirty oven.

As much a hot oven cleaning is effective, it is also risky too. Too hot and you have fumes and a potential grease fire to deal with, however a professional oven cleaner can achieve the perfect clean without fire or fume risk.

For the best healthy, careful and responsible dirty oven clean, ask your professional oven cleaner for a hot clean.

So whether you are in Marlow, Ascot, Windsor, Maidenhead, Reading, High Wycombe or Henley-on-Thames, professional hot oven cleaning for dirty ovens is available to you. Just call Healthy Ovens


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