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The Invisible Problem - Grease!

We all use our ovens regularly, usually several times each week. That’s normal, and it is why we have ovens. Ovens will get dirty over time, and the grease and cooked on carbon will build up. That’s normal - the interior of the oven is harsh! There is high heat, oils from meats, fish and olive oils from vegetables. They are all wafted around using a high speed fan. The oven is a harsh, and very quickly, a dirty environment! Very quickly, we have dirty ovens!

Food spills will occur. Fats rising in steam form from olive oils on vegetables or meats will be blown around the oven interior. They will coat oven walls, and very quickly build up as cooked-on carbon deposits. As carbon, they will emit carbon monoxide gas, and the fan will waft this over your food. Enjoy eating it! This is not a healthy oven!

Cooked-on carbon is easily visible to the naked eye. Those little black spots soon accumulate. They become harder and harder to remove after each oven use. Every black spot is unhealthy!

Very quickly, your oven is dirty and unhealthy. Soon, a choking smell will occur.

What you don’t see, is the grease layer that is building up inside your dirty oven. The grease is evenly coated all over the oven with each oven cooking occasion. Long before you see the dirt inside your oven, the “invisible” dirt of grease is all around. It smells foul, it turns to a dirty steam very quickly and makes your meals unhealthy to eat.

So, cooked-on food and sauce deposits turn into visible carbon, but grease remains invisible. Invisible grease is the fuel for oven fires, and even in my pristine home oven I had a small grease fire. I should have known better, but as clean as my oven looked, I didn’t see the dirty grease.

In short, to maintain a clean, and above all, a healthy oven, we have to deal with the dirty and unhealthy grease. A healthy oven requires very regular de-greasing. We recommend a six monthly deep professional clean, but de-greasing needs to take place after every few cooks.

Grease is the number one source of dirty ovens, and unhealthy ovens. Removing it is relatively easy if you have a strong grease cutter and micro-fibre cloth

At Healthy Ovens we remove all your dirty and invisible grease and restore your dirty and unhealthy oven back to near new, as best as we can. A clean oven is a happy oven, and a clean oven is a healthy oven!


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