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What toxic fumes occur during a professional oven clean?

At Healthy Ovens, we have worked hard to source the least toxic dirty oven cleaning agents. The result is that we clean your dirty oven with zero toxic and smelly fumes. It is entirely safe for asthmatics to continue as normal within the house during the clean.

I don't want to breathing toxic fumes during my day, and nor do you. In fact, our main dirty oven cleaning agent is used in the food industry, to wash newly harvested olives! The kitchen remains entirely free of fumes, even when we heat the oven to increase the potency of oven cleaning agents. We keep the temperature to around 70-80 degrees, to prevent any shortcut "burning off" of dirty and cooked on carbon.

Healthy Ovens does not use any acidic, phosphorus or ammonia cleaning agents. The result is a clean, healthier oven, a safer oven, and a better tasting oven.

We take our time to carefully clean your dirty oven and bring it back to near new condition. We don't charge by time, but simply by size of oven. We take the same steps each time, to clean your dirty oven. We strive to deliver healthier, fresher and better smelling ovens!


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