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Why do I love dirty oven cleaning?

Dirty Oven cleaning is universally considered as a tough and dirty job. You work in a smelly, dirty and unhealthy environment. What can be satisfying and enjoyable about that? Well, the truth is, I simply love cleaning dirty ovens, and converting them to clean and healthy ovens!

I got into this business as I once qualified as a cordon bleau chef. I found myself at home one day with a dirty oven, and attempted to clean it with the usual supermarket products. Guess what, it didn’t work! My dirty oven was only a little cleaner. Game over, and I handed the job over to the professionals.

A professionally trained dirty oven cleaner has the tools, techniques and cleaning agents to return a dirty, smelly and unhealthy oven back to near-new condition. First of all, knowledge is important. A dirty oven is far more dangerous than you think. There is heat, electrics, possibly a gas supply and enough grease to be greater than a petrol bomb, and you will clean it with liquids! And let’s not mention the chemicals used during dirty oven cleaning.A real recipe for an oven cleaning disaster and a toxic house fire.

However, despite the dangers and apparent hard work, the process of professionally cleaning a dirty oven is far less dangerous and arduous. In fact, the job is so satisfying as each day I reunite a dirty oven owner with a near-new oven! The praise for the transformation from dirty oven to healthy oven is just so satisfying.

I don’t actually clean the dirty oven! My cleaning agents and gels do that! I just have to apply them in the correct sequence, and at the correct temperatures, leave them for the correct amount of time, and then remove them in the correct procedures. The result is a transformation from dirty, greasy, smelly oven to healthier, fresher, and cleaner oven.

So in conclusion, my job satisfaction is achieved everyday when I return a dirty oven to a proud and very pleased owner of a brand new cleaner and healthier oven! They are usually amazed with the end result, and hence the delight in my efforts is achieved! Mission accomplished!


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