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Why is my Oven so dirty? I try to keep it clean.

Dirty Oven grease is a natural by-product of cooking. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is what ovens do, and you can't avoid it. The secret is to keep ahead of the dirty grease build up. The problem is that most of the dirty grease build up is invisible. You only get to see it when it is too bad to rescue the dirty oven with supermarket products.

Dirty Ovens are inevitable. The more you cook and bake, the dirtier they become. A professional oven cleaner will carefully and precisely remove the accumulated grease layers. At Healthy Ovens we perform the deep de-greasing of a dirty oven at precisely 70 degrees. This is a hot oven to work in, but it allows for the maximum extraction of dirty oven grease.

In addition to the deep de-grease within a hot oven, we also perform the toxic and unsightly cooked-on carbon removal whilst the dirty oven is still hot, at around 70-80 degrees. This is the best method to clean a dirty oven.

As we believe in healthier oven cleaning, we perform a third steps, which is a hot soapy wash of the oven to remove all cleaning agents residues. This is like treating your dirty oven to a Spa day!

However, dirty oven grease isn’t just unsightly, it is toxic, unhealthy, and foul smelling. It is fuel for an oven fire, and a fire that you won’t be able to put out with a fire blanket or small extinguisher. The acrid and toxic fumes will overwhelm you.

So, a dirty oven isn’t just unhealthy for you, it is also dangerous. Getting your dirty and invisible greased oven is a regular chore to perform to keep on top of the grease. It is less expensive than getting a hedge trimmed, and hedges aren’t toxic. Keep your dirty oven safe before a catastrophic disaster occurs. Healthy Ovens can do that for you!


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