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Would you Lick this Oven? Of course NOT!

Bear with me, this is a grim fact! Would you ever "lick"the interior of your dirty oven? Of course not!!! However, every time you turn on your oven, the dirty grease that is caked on the walls, roof and base of your oven ultimately turn into dirty steam, and waft over your food. If you have a fan powered oven, as many are, this dirty steam is wafted over the food that you eat. So why wouldn't you lick your dirty oven if you are happy to eat the dirty food? A grim thought, but that is the truth.

With each new oven heating, the cooked on carbon releases carbon monoxide gas and sulphuric gas. Kiss goodbye to your new healthy eating resolutions! The fact is, that dirty ovens are indeed unhealthy ovens. At Healthy Ovens we clean dirty ovens with the least caustic cleaning agents that we can find. The main ingredient of our oven cleaning gel is used to wash olives after harvest. No fumes, no smells and an immediately ready to use oven. All products are pet friendly too! I'm a puppy owner too, so nothing is skipped in providing pet safety!

In short, a somewhat dirty oven is an unhealthy oven! Oven interiors are harsh environments, with hot fanned, greasy steam, blowing all over your next meal. Today's baked salmon is wafted with last week's roast pork belly. Imagine that! A very dirty oven is a flavour mashup, and a fire risk!

The solution, get your dirty oven professionally cleaned now! You can't do this yourself, you need proper cleaning agents that you can't buy yourself. You will be scrubbing for hours with very little reward.

So why not give it to a professional and get your dirty oven professionally cleaned and brought back to near new condition?


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