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Smoking, Choking Dirty Ovens

A smoking and choking oven is a real danger sign, not to be ignored. The fumes are choking, and can contaminate your house for a week or even more. The fumes inside the oven will ruin your meals, and are of course, deeply unhealthy!

The other aspect to think about when you have a smoky oven, is the risk of a spark and an oven fire. A hot greasy oven is ripe for a dirty oven fire. If the grease is plentiful, you will have a serious oven fire.

But lets think about cleaning and restoring a dirty and smoking oven to near new. The grease needs to be removed, and when it builds up over time (as it naturally does), the usual supermarket products won't remove it. You can scrub for hours and nothing much changes. The fumes from supermarket oven cleaning products can also be severe.

A professional dirty oven clean isn't expensive if done every six months. It delivers healthier and tastier meals, and is less inefficient as a dirty oven. You can remove the risk of built up carbon smoking, and the risk of sparking elements igniting hot oven grease.

At Healthy Ovens, we are ready to help!


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